Spider Plant Care Outdoors : How To Care for A Spider Plant Outside

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are popular since they’re so simple to grow (both inside your home and outdoors) and so tolerant. If you’re trying to find a fast growing houseplant that’s fuss-free, tolerate low light, help clean indoor air and infrequent watering, this one for you. Here are a couple of suggestions to spider plant care outdoors. Growing… Read More »

Planting flowers in mulch

As it decays, mulch enhances the texture of the soil and includes essential nutrients. All that being said, can you planting flowers in mulch alone? Using mulch to planting flowers Mulch for a very basic purpose: it works as a barrier, keeping the Sunlight and some air away from the surface of the soil. Sounds simple enough, but… Read More »